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Industrial Property for Rent in Noida Phase-1

How Noida Became the most Preferred Destination for Industries in a Short Period of Time?

Noida being located on the outskirts of New Delhi, makes it the perfect location to set up an office, Industry, company headquarters, branch offices, sales offices etc. since Industrial or commercial properties in the capital city “Delhi” are much more expensive and located on the congested roads too. This scarcity of Industries in Delhi has resulted in the development or rising of demand in the Industrial sectors of Noida, Phase-1, where any type of Industry can run their operations by spending less amount and by expecting maximum profits. Industrial property for rent in Noida Phase-1, is currently the one of the largest industrial hubs in Northern India which continues to grow with upcoming improved infrastructure and planned expansions in the city.  When Noida, Phase-1 was established, no one had envisioned that this Industrial Phase will become one of the fastest-growing locations with many advantages around almost every sector of the Industrial building for rent in Noida Phase-1 which will take the economy of the state to the next level. Phase-1, Noida has many sectors which are very connected with transportation modes like buses, auto rickshaws, cabs, and most importantly Delhi metro, which is one of the biggest reasons for its growth and success.

What are the Attractive Features of Phase-1 Noida?

  • Wider & cleaner roads 
  • Walking distance from metro station of Sector-15 & Sector-16
  • Approachability from all other parts of NCR cities through DND flyway, Mayur Vihar, South Delhi etc.
  • Accessibility from housing complexes, schools, corporate houses, entertainment zones, malls, Film city, hospitals, fire stations, Sector-18 etc.
  • Factory for rent in Phase-1 Noida has several sectors like Sector-1 to Sector-11 & Sector-16
  • These sectors have the availability of huge and small factory space for rent in Noida Phase-1

The rentals of these Industrial buildings are a major attraction, many Industries have chosen Noida only to reduce their cost and to increase their profits, which has turned into reality and they are successfully running their factories in the city. Warehouse for rent in Noida, Phase-1 is best known for its greener surroundings, where the roads are lined with green trees and have green belts on both sides of the road. With nearly 50% green cover in the entire city, it is India’s greenest city. In Noida, Industries can also hire the labour for their Industries at lower wages and can also have the best manpower resources from the existing professional Institutes. 

What are Future Expectations from the Industrial city NOIDA?

In the coming future, there are lots of other dream projects in process that can be expected to fuel the development of the region to a large extent and Industrial property for rent in Phase-1, Noida will become more a hot favourite Industrial, commercial & residential real estate destination among corporates, Industries, and home seekers.

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