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What Changes in the city Noida Witnessed a Remarkable Growth?

Noida has witnessed a remarkable growth over the last decade which is driven by increased investments in infrastructure plans to increase industrial production in the city, as a result every Industrial sector of Noida is occupied by huge Industrial names and they are successfully running their profitable ventures. Ease of doing Business and other sustained efforts of the state government during the few years made the Factory for rent in Sector-4 Noida is the financial booster of the state. Several Industries from all over the India and other countries want to make the Sector-4, Noida as their Industrial place, because: 

  • Industrial property for rent in Noida Sector-4 is easier to commute from NCR cities
  • Almost the vacant area of all ranges is available in the sector
  • Industries are available at lower rentals
  • Ample parking spaces are available 
  • Easily approachable from metro stations, buses, rickshaws etc.
  • Availability of quality workforce at lower wages
  • Sector-4, Noida is surrounded by banks, ATM,s, housing societies, hospitals, schools, markets, restaurants etc.
  • Plenty of electricity and water

 Newly constructed Industrial buildings which have almost every international feature and they have made as per the vastu compliance. 

What are the Plot sizes Available for Industrial Building for Rent in Sector-4 Noida?

Factory space for rent in Noida Sector-4 has plot sizes of 416 sq. meters, 800 sq. meters, 4000 sq. meters and above, in these available buildings, you can easily get the covered area of approx. 2,700 sq.ft. to 25,000 sq.ft. on each floor, this huge industrial area is exceedingly difficult to get in Delhi at economical rent. Due to these factors and many other amenities many industries are flourishing and growing their ventures here and many more Indian and national Industries want to be part of this extremely comfortable and convenient location which ensures profits and satisfaction to employees to perform their best.

At Shine Realty, our expert advisors can deliver you the accurate Industrial building, Shed, Warehouse, Godown for rent in Noida Sector-4 and offer you unbiased advice to find the Industrial spaces in your budget.  For transactional support at every stage of the leasing process, you are free to contact us. We have a vast database of inventory in Sector-4 Noida which can suit your requirement.         

factory for rent in noida sector-4

Area: 3,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: 1st Floor

Building Type: Factory 

Price : Rs.66,000(Rs.22 sq.ft.)

Description : 18 meter wide road, wash room, white wash, pantry, fir fighting, power load 20 kva.


factory in noida sector-4

Area: 6,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: 1st Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.1,44,000(Rs.24 sq.ft.)

Description : Corner building available on 18 meter wide road , wash room, pantry, goods lift, fire fighting, power load 30 kva.


Area: 8,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: Basement+Ground Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.2,08,000(Rs.26 sq.ft.)

Description : Park facing building avaialble on 24 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, all electric work completed, fire fighting, power load 30 kva.

Area: 16,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: B+G+1st+2nd Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.3,80,000(Rs.24 sq.ft.)

Description :24 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, electric works, fire fighting, goods lift, power load 50 kva. For more info call us at 9910004078/ 9310206087

industrial building in sector-4

Area: 12,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: G+1st  Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.3,00,000(Rs.25 sq.ft.)

Description : 18 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, white wash, electric work, fire fighting, security, goods lift, power load 120 kva. For more info call us at 9910004078

Area: 20,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: Ground+1st Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.5,40,000(Rs.27 sq.ft.)

Description : Glass elevation building on 18 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, security, fire fighting , white wash & electric works, goods lift, power load 125 kva.