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How Industrial Property for Rent in Noida Sector-64  moving up to be the most Preferred Destination for Industries? 

Due to the strategic location advantage, and constant upgradation in the current scenario, Industrial property for rent in Noida Sector-64 becomes a self-sustainable and huge Industrial hub of entire Noida and Northern India. Over the last few years Industries of Noida has seen unprecedented growth in Industrial leasing activities, thanks to its well-developed infrastructure push from the Government, and attractive rentals, which are still keeping the interest of several Industries. The upcoming planned/under-construction projects which will be scheduled to hit the Noida market over the next 3-5 years, which will further increase the demand of the location.  The city has been a major location as it is located on the border of Delhi-Noida, for global investors who are scouting for Factory for rent in Sector-64 Noida with lesser rentals. Noida has all the favorable conditions and new technologies to become a top manufacturing hub. The Industrial real estate sector of Noida is one of the largest segments in the country’s economic contribution. All segments of the Noida are working for government’s ongoing efforts towards boosting Industrial growth, it has many benefits like:

  • advanced infrastructural changes
  • less rentals, nominal maintenance charges
  • ample parking spaces
  • excellent transport system especially metro approachability
  • large or small Industrial Building for rent in Noida Sector-64
  • easy availability of labor at lower wages
  • wider and smooth roads etc.
  • 24 hours supply of water and electricity

In the dynamic and ever-changing world of Industrial activities, where the industry is still on a stage of growing through a government efforts and more infrastructural changes, it is interesting to see, that Factory for rent in Sector-64 Noida have already received that reputation and name in the Global world of Industries, which also left a great influence on the residential and commercial real estate sector of Noida.

At Shine Realty, our expert advisors can deliver you the accurate Industrial space, Shed, Warehouse, Godown & Factory space for rent in Noida Sector-64 and offer you unbiased advice to find the Industrial spaces in your budget.  For transactional support at every stage of the leasing process, you are free to contact us. We have a vast database of inventory in Sector-64 Noida which can suit your requirement. For more info call us at 9910004078/ 9310206087

Factory for Rent in Sector-64 Noida

Area: 4,500 Sq.Ft.

Property On: 1st Floor

Building Type: Factory 

Price : Rs.1,10,000(Rs.25 sq.ft.)

Description : 18 meter wide road, wash room, white wash, pantry, fir fighting, power load 20 kva.

Factory Space for rent in Sector-64 Noida

Area: 9,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: B+G+1st+2nd Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.1,62,000(Rs.18 sq.ft.)

Description : Corner building available on 18 meter wide road , wash room, pantry, goods lift, fire fighting, power load 30 kva. For more info contact Shine Realty.

Industrial building for Rent in Sectfor-64 Noida

Area: 14,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: Lower Ground

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.2,80,000(Rs.20 sq.ft.)

Description : Park facing building avaialble on 24 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, all electric work completed, fire fighting, pw load 30 kva.

Industrial Property for rent in Sector-64 Noida

Area: 10,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: 1st Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.2,00,000(Rs.20 sq.ft.)

Description :24 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, electric works, fire fighting, goods lift, power load 50 kva

Industrial Shed for Rent in Noida Sectfor-64

Area: 20,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: Ground Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.4,60,000(Rs.23 sq.ft.)

Description : 18 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, white wash, electric work, fire fighting, security, goods lift, power load 120 kva.

Warehouse for Rent in Sectfor-64 Noida

Area: 28,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: B+G+1st+2nd Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.6,16,000(Rs.22 sq.ft.)

Description : Corner building on 18 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, security, fire fighting , white wash & electric works, goods lift, power load 125 kva.