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What are the Changing Dynamics of Industrial Building for Rent in Sector-58 Noida towards Growth & Development?

Industrial Property for rent in Noida Sector-58 is the fastest developing sector   into an Industrial hub and is expected to have more new Industries in the coming years after the International airport and other infrastructural projects will come into existence. Lack of infrastructure is, however, one of the biggest hurdles in the Industrial market of India, though the government of Uttar Pradesh is in a continuous phase of developments and moving towards more betterment. Factory for rent in Noida Sector-58 currently has one of the advanced technology Industrial capacities with modern amenities when compared to other cities, therefore, the next few years looks very strong and promising for Industries of Noida in entire Northern India. Interestingly, this increased demand of Industries will also be supported by:

  • robust/quality of road networks
  • approachability from metro stations
  • better regulatory policies
  • required facilities in Industrial building for rent in Sector-58 Noida as per the tenant’s requirement with all amenities
  • Lesser rentals
  • Adequate parking spaces
  • Improved water & power supply
  • Variety of Industrial spaces for rent in Noida Sector-58
  • Large availability of labor at competitive wages
  • Excellent connectivity with Delhi

Noida’s Industrial and warehousing sector has gone through a huge transformation in the last few years due to excellent changes, from being only a NCR city of Delhi it is now converted into an Industrial hub, where every Industry wants to work for maximizing their profits and minimizing their expenses. Warehouse for rent in Noida Sector-58 has come a long way to becoming one of the most sought Industrial real estate hubs with affordable housing options, high-end Institutes, entertainment zones in the country today. Sector-58, Noida is very connected with the hospitals, restaurants, banks, police stations, fire stations which are the need of every occupant of the region.

At Shine Realty, our expert advisors can deliver you the accurate Industrial space, Shed, Godown & FactorySpace for rent in Noida Sector-58 and offer you unbiased advice to find the Industrial spaces in your budget.  For transactional support at every stage of the leasing process, you are free to contact us. We have a vast database of inventory in Sector-58 Noida which can suit your requirement.

Factory for Rent in Sector-58 Noida

Area: 4,500 Sq.Ft.

Property On: 1st Floor

Building Type: Factory 

Price : Rs.1,10,000(Rs.25 sq.ft.)

Description : 18 meter wide road, wash room, white wash, pantry, fir fighting, power load 20 kva.

Factory space for Rent in Sector-58 Noida

Area: 9,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: B+G+F+2nd Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.1,62,000(Rs.18 sq.ft.)

Description : Corner building available on 18 meter wide road , wash room, pantry, goods lift, fire fighting, power load 30 kva.

industrial building for rent in sector-58 noida

Area: 14,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: Ground+1st Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.2,80,000(Rs.20 sq.ft.)

Description : Park facing building avaialble on 24 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, all electric work completed, fire fighting, pw load 30 kva.

industrial property for Rent in Sector-58 Noida

Area: 10,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: 1st Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.2,00,000(Rs.20 sq.ft.)

Description :30 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, electric works, fire fighting, goods lift, power load 50 kva

warehouse for Rent in Sector-58 Noida

Area: 20,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: Ground Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.4,60,000(Rs.23 sq.ft.)

Description : 18 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, white wash, electric work, fire fighting, security, goods lift, power load 120 kva.

Warehouse for rent in sector-57 noida

Area: 28,000 Sq.Ft.

Property On: B+G+ 1st+2nd Floor

Building Type: Factory

Price : Rs.6,16,000(Rs.22 sq.ft.)

Description : Corner building on 18 meter wide road, wash room, pantry, security, fire fighting , white wash & electric works, goods lift, power load 125 kva.